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TOYOTA PICKUP TRUCK BED REPLACEMENT – Toyota Tacoma is almost a legendary reputation for reliability, not to mention the resale value of high performance.

This medium-sized truck uses almost half of the market share and is easy to distinguish from its competitors such as Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon and Nissan Frontier. Six types of equipment, two length single beds and two cabins (access to crew and taxis), the Tacoma 2018 has many options for truck needs.


But when the price starts to rise to $ 40,000, will Tacom report continue?

What we do

We recently downloaded the Toyota Tacoma 2018 to almost the latest TRD equipment level with a quick review. Although the four cylinder engine is available in smaller versions, our Tacoma is equipped with an optional 3.5-liter V-6 that generates 278 hp and 265 lb-ft torque at 4,600 rpm. If you pull or carry a relatively heavy load, it’s part of your driving experience, it’s the engine you need for your Tacoma.

Although many customers opt for an optional six-speed automatic transmission, our Tacoma TRD Off-Road is equipped with six-speed manual transmission, making it a unicorn in an automated transport package. Our Tacoma is also equipped with four-wheel drive, four-seat door and five footsteps (six-legged bed is optional with long wheelbase). The metallic gray metallic is mounted on the 16 “alloy wheels of the Goodyear Wrangler Adventure (front and rear wheels P226 / 70R16).

Items start at $ 35,000. When considering options and goals of $ 995, our evaluators were $ 38,913. This is a major part of the change, although you have to take into account that there are two levels outside the off-road model: Limited and TRD Pro.

How are you doing?

Since Tacomina sells completely, there must be something that is behind the popularity of this lorry. First of all, we think Tacoma is easy to manage in an urban environment. Although some trucks need a complicated and disadvantageous bend to every corner of their mid-size car park, Tacoma does not feel too heavy when moving a restricted car park or accessing privileged locations in your car park. great local hardware.

The motor passes through the corridors and offers customized designs in cities and motorways. It moves off traffic lights, though it is not always as strong as Force suggests. Part of the error may be due to the sixth speed manual of the device. He had long movements and he did not remember clearly when we asked for the next report or estimate. However, the link is easy to adjust and the heavy off-road adventures manual may be the best choice.

For most Tacom customers, the automatic option is the smartest option that really appreciates EPA fuel consumption. In fact, the mileage of cars is 18 miles per gallon for city traffic and 22 on a 17/20 mpg city / freeway manually. (Tacoma Consumer Note: use the dashboard ECT switch). It works in a sporty or ecological transmission mode, so the car reacts faster or responds less. The button changes the Tacoma software. Truck, depending on driving or driving.)

Cred Off Road

The TRD Off-Road is mounted on two levels under the TRD Pro, except for the washbasin, and there are always plenty of equipment for all terrain. This includes, in particular, suspended suspensions with Bilstein single-stage dampers, additional parachute pads, rear valve, Toyota landing system, higher engine oil cooler and additional steering cooler. There is also a large 9.4-inch break that, together with these fixed rings, makes it easy to crawl across the terrain without any pain. Be careful, but you can also go ahead with all those who are said to be upright.

What is TRD Pro’s biggest advantage in relation to the road model? The most important mechanical differences are Fox’s patented silencers with a 2.5-inch aluminum casing and external connectors. These unconditional units make TRD Pro the best off-road vehicle, at least for medium-sized lorries.

If you want to use thousands of dollars more or less, this depends on your real need for this excellent performance. The TRD Pro flag includes leather superstructures, upholstery (automatic transmission), seat heating and other modern facilities.

The Tacoma TRD Offroad is a truck with a maximum load of 6,400 kg and a maximum payload of 1,175 kilograms. Management is what you expect; This is a fairly accurate omdat 4 600 kilogram truck designed by wide planes designed to prevent stoning compared to the latest high-level experience. corner

When it is empty, driving is a bit rough even though it follows the road and never interrupts. The cottage was crushed and broken even though it was seriously on heavy roads in an industrial area outside New York. The big bra that theythey did not play basketball, they did not interfere with Tacoma’s driving or the rest.

In Tacoma Off-Road TRD

The inside picture is good if you feel nostalgic. It can be said that Tacoma taxis are outdated, at least as compared to competitors in GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado. Fortunately for Toyota interior designers, the Nissan Frontier (which has not been in touch since 2004) remains for a year. The front and back room of the double cabin was okay but you can not succeed in Tacoma if you do not have enough space for passengers with a double cabin.

The multi-function steering wheel and 7-inch infotainment touch screen (6.1-inch standard system) are easy to use with special keys for simple controls such as temperature control or temperature control to adjust the stereo volume. Unfortunately, the system is not yet compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We are told that this problem will be corrected for the model next year.

When we got the truck, we noticed that he had not bought Tacoma to do the design, but because of the color of the color to be tested, thanks to the red plastic panel around the center of the wind and vehicle display. “Funny mouth – It was a good idea, emphasize that there is still a fairly dark plastic war.

Please note that all Tacoma aircraft are now equipped with a number of security features such as front impact warning, adjustable speed control, pedestrian detection, reverse camera and tire change warning. Other available security features include squares that can detect collars, rear positions with parking sensors, and a warning behind the crossover.

Bring value?

So Tacoma off-road offers more than you need, or are your competitors strong (and even Tacoma to further reduce costs) the best option?

With excellent reliability and excellent resale value, Tacoma is an excellent long-term investment. Some of the best travel materials and technical features, including Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, are missing. And when the new Ford Ranger arrives early in 2019, let alone potential competitors like Hyundai, Jeep and others, Tacoma may not be such a light road.

Compared with other medium-sized collections, sales continue to dominate the medium-sized market and intend to continue with three complete production systems. But here is our two pounds: if the race starts to warm up, it would be wise if Toyota is not very happy with Tacoma; The truck driver must do something special for the next iteration.

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