Reo Speedwagon Truck, Curbside Classic: 1949 REO Speedwagon Pickup Truck – The Hunting Trophy

Reo Speedwagon Truck, Curbside Classic: 1949 REO Speedwagon Pickup Truck- It’s not that the pantry was getting low, yet after a few days of hut-building, the primitive impulse to find fresh prey can no more be denied. Its the significance of CC; we search, then gather around the (electronic) campfire to share our quarry. Equipped with a brand new weapon with which to record the elusive victim, my companion and I set out on our walk-and-stalk. I get on high alert, scanning up and down every road we go across for distant telltale hints. I follow my nose: “no, let’s go a different method today”. Good thing also: rounding a corner I see it two blocks away.

Reo Speedwagon Truck

” A Rhino! I indicate REO!”

“What? Where? I don’t see anything”.

There’s nothing else associate that distinctive prow, and also is it ever rare. Capturing one of these in the wild is the automotive equivalent of capturing a near-extinct Javan rhinoceros, if not more so. There has to do with forty of those rhinos still alive; Reo Speedwagon pickups of this vintage? Maybe six approximately. Kill!

And also to what do I connect my uncommon catch? Let’s just say my probabilities of catching it were improved by slipping up on Eugene’s exotic automobiles’ favorite watering hole, The Sports Car Store. No, it’s not there offer for sale; that would certainly be dishonesty. This Reo actually does reside in bushes hereabout, as well as it was out for a romp. It’s owner Ike had actually just pulled into the car park, his guest eager to look into a charming white Porsche 356 coupe out front; the perfect decoy for cars and truck lovers.

And Ike is quite the hunter himself, although he hunts to keep; I’m a catch and also launch (the shutter) kind. The Reo is rarely the only one in his corral. I didn’t get the complete rundown, yet he possesses exactly what are certainly both coolest and also my favored pick-ups around. The Reo, and this little pygmy vehicle, a 1979 Suzuki Jimny pickup (CC here). We do share preference in big-wheeled out-of-the average pick-ups, big or small. These 2 vehicles completely brace the two extremes of pickupdom, as well as my very own certain range of needs and needs in them.

The baby one to go to the equipment shop for that kanuter valve bushing, which one-tonner to transport really huge loads of gravel and whatever. My F-100 is the compromise right in between them: too huge for parts chasing; insufficient for really hefty loads and also trailers: jack of all professions; master of none. Kind of amounts me up as well; some of us simply need to learn to cope with our concessions. Not Ike, evidently.

He happily revealed us photos of his latest locate: an Accomplishment TR-3 with overdrive he spotted mostly hidden under a tarpaulin in a shed, however in remarkably good condition. Bagged it for $500. That raised a few eyebrows in our circle, specifically Bob Macherione’s, the pro in the team. The TR absolutely has a particular truckiness to it, and not laid-up.

Yet the Reo; well that’s the trophy. Records are a little bit sketchy, yet it feels like around 200 of these 1949 D19XA pickups were made, and just a handful endure. The tale of REO, as well as the pick-up model is rather a thread, so let’s draw in a little bit closer to the fire.

REO stands for Ransom money E. Olds, whose very first company carried his surname, and also built the first mass-production automobile ever before, the 1901 curved-dash Olds. Selling for $650, the one cylinder Olds was the first vehicle that really caught the general public’s interest widespread, as well as it’s ruggedness made it an outstanding track record. Henry Ford’s Version T was the logical following step.

Like so several creators in the auto gold-rush days, Olds clashed with his backers and also was shown the door in 1904. He started his next firm, named REO, to avoid a copyright suit with Olds. Reo It got off to an amazing begin, however the Version T placed the brakes its success, thus lots of other cars and truck companies at the time. Olds stepped back from active monitoring in 1915, and also in the late twenties, Reo’s enthusiastic expansion set it up for an accident in the Depression. Reo quit building vehicles in 1936.

Reo additionally started making light trucks in 1915, under the REO Speedwagen name. By the way, both punctuations, REO and also Reo, were used at different times by the company. Automobile as well as truck sales were roughly equally divided, and also quite moderate in numbers. Reo never achieved the success of Olds’ first firm.

After car manufacturing was put on hold, Reo ended up being a vehicle just supplier, mostly in the mid-sized variety like this dump vehicle from 1939. Reo’s essential engine was its Gold Crown 6, which common for the period was greatly undersquare, with a 3 1/8 ″ birthed and also 5 ″ stroke. A straight 8 was also made in between 1932 and also 1936.

Like numerous truck suppliers, the tiniest designs were strongly in pick-up area, with 1/2 heap rankings. The 3/4 ton Design BN was the basis for this beautiful woody wagon. Throughout the late twenties as well as thirties, truck styling usually mirrored automobile designing as high as possible, and even the most significant trucks, which actually weren’t large in the pre-interstate era, tended to rest reduced as well as have good-looking hoods and fenders. Throughout this age, the smaller sized Reos generally used a Continental-sourced 6.

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